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We offer two solutions to request disclosure of your credit report.

Free Service: Fill out the free form. We’ll email you a complete letter you can use to request your credit report. You are responsible for printing, stamping, and mailing the request letter.

Paid Service: We manage the process. Use our technology and an independent law firm to send a legal request for your credit report. If you discover errors in your credit report, you can also submit a dispute. We’ll fight the credit reporting agencies on your behalf.



The SafeRent Resident Screening Report is credit report for residential or tenant history. CoreLogic Inc. offers screening and risk management to the personal and multifamily housing leasing industry, landlords, and property managers. The CoreLogic, Inc. SafeRent Resident Screening Report and affiliated data products include: resident screening, renters insurance, benchmarking, lease and documentation generation, employment screening, and criminal screening (including felony, misdemeanor and/or sex offender registry records). CoreLogic, Inc. claims to be the nation’s single largest aggregator of current tenant screening data and has access to hundreds of millions of potential tenant records.

CoreLogic, Inc. is classified as a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). All consumers are entitled to annual disclosure of their SafeRent Resident Screening Report. Individuals can contact CoreLogic, Inc. by telephone at 1-888-333-2413 to request an annual disclosure of their SafeRent Resident Screening Report or submit a written request by mail to the following address:

CoreLogic SafeRent, LLC
Attn: Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 509124
San Diego, CA, 92150

Has your application for a rental house or apartment recently been denied by a landlord because of a rental credit report or tenant screening blacklist? Are you struggling to correct errors on your specialty tenant screening credit report or even to obtain a free annual copy of your report? Please share your experiences in the “Reviews” tab above.

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