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A Credit Report for Your Health

As consumers, we would never apply for credit cards or mortgages without checking our “annual credit reports” to ensure accuracy and fair pricing.  However, there is virtually no awareness among consumers that a few, large corporations collect, store, and sell their...

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i have been trying for months to resolve a credit report problem involving an inaccurate late payment to a major American car company and it has basically become a second job. cars suck, credit reporting companies suck, the whole faceless bureaucracy of the financial system sucks

1/2: Fun fact: One of the common reasons people can't access their credit report after answering 4 multiple-guess questions about their financial history is some of the apparently wrong answers are actually right, and are there because of ID theft activity. So for example...

Borrowers were told to not worry about their #studentloans. Then @MyGreatLakes @transunion @equifax & @experian damaged borrowers’ credit & dropped their scores.

We’re joining w/ @TowardsJustice & @BergerMontague to force these companies to follow the #CARESAct & demand justice. https://twitter.com/theSBPC/status/1260316039683997699

Student Borrower Protection Center@theSBPC

WARNING: @MyGreatLakes, one of the largest student loan servicers, appears to be dinging borrowers credit histories for receiving #COVID19 relief.

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